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Mason's Photo Album '07    

Mason hiking in San Simeon

Christmas in SLO

Mason at the Beach

Mason Posing for Pic

Mr. GQ

Mason hiking in SLO

Mason's Halloween Costume

Big Swing

Mason's Baseball Card

Mason & Brock playing football

Mason ready to play golf

Dodger Boy

Mason playing Golf

Mason and a beach ball

Mason and Brock (10/1)

Mason and his new transition glasses

Mason and his cool new glasses

GQ Mason

Mason in the Car

Mason & Grandpa

At the Beach

Static Slide

At the Park

Shell Beach

The Baseball Player

360 Dunk

Grandma and Grandpa

Mason taking a bath

Mason and Grandma Keep overlooking Shell Beach

Mason's School Picture

Mason getting his footprint into clay-3/4/05

Mason and Uncle Scott- 3/4/05

Mason riding his rubber ducky bathtub

Mason and his cousin Brock-3/6/05

Family picture after Mason's blessing

Grandma Miller and Mason at Avila Beach

Mason hanging out in his chair at Avila Beach- 3/5/05

Mason flying through the air

Mason after his blessing- 3/6/05

Marilyn and Mason

Mason laughing at mom

Mason smiling- 2/22/05

Mark M. holding Mason- 1/21/05

Mark and Mason

Mason loves the Dodgers

Mason in SLO- 1/21/05

Great Grandma Hawthorne holding Mason- 1/23/05

Mason sleeping on Grandma K.

Grandpa feeding Mason

Mike holding Mason

Mason's friends- Mike, Jason, Jayan

Mark feeding Mason

Marilyn reading to Mason- 1/16/05

Mason, Aaron, Mugsy

Mason after his bath- 1/16/05

Mason waking up and stretching- 12/10/04

Mason in his Beary Merry Christmas outfit

Family Picture in the Park

Family Photo

Here comes Santa

Mason Sleeping-4 days old

Screaming Mason

Mason's favorite thing- sleeping

Eating from daddy's finger

More eating

Giving mom the eye for taking his picture

Mason dressed and ready to go home

Aaron and Mason just before going home

Mason eating formula out of a cup


Marilyn and Mason- one day old

Our little thinker

Aaron and Mason

Mason at 10 minutes old

Aaron and Mason again
Mason Hawthorne Keep was born on Dec. 5th at 9:53 pm.  He was 7 lbs, 13 oz. and 20 3/4" long.